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Home Care Services Lake County IL

Lake County, Illinois is home to a large elderly population that needs assistance with basic needs. Home care services can provide these individuals with the support they need to remain in their homes.

Also, no one wants to leave their parents in a poor health care facility. To provide your aging parents with the best home care services we are at your disposal. In county IL, we aim towards providing perfect home care to senior citizens, without having them leave their comfort zone. If you live in or around IL and want to make sure that your parents are taken care of, then Home Care Agency Lake County IL is your best option.

Services We Provide in Lake County

We offer several services so you choose the ones you need. Let us walk you through them.

Companion Care

A caregiver in the form of a companion to provide good company to your loved ones. Having a companion around will mean that they are not alone and have someone to talk to, and share their thoughts and feelings.

Help With Medication

In most cases, the elderly are on some prescribed medications. The caretaker will make sure that they are fed their medicine on time and keep a record of all the medications to be administered.

Hygiene Assistance

Even if a person is on bed rest, hygiene should be checked to keep them free of any other infections. Hygiene involves taking care of their hair, nails, skin, and mouth. A caretaker will keep their hygiene to the best and help them with bathing too.

Housekeeping Service

When it comes to housekeeping, our caretaker will do all the basic housekeeping tasks. This will include cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking a nutritious meal, and even changing their bedsheets. As a result, the house will remain tidy and free of any germs.

Alzheimer's Care

Handling Alzhemiers’ patients can be frustrating for a normal person. Due to memory loss, they repeat or forget simple things. Now you can manage their situation with the help of our caretakers. Our caretakers are trained to handle such people with patience and diligence. They will help these patients to maintain a daily routine while keeping an eye on the progress of disease.

Dementia Care

Dementia is very common in elderly people. If you leave a person with dementia unattended, serious situations can arise. Our caretakers will take care of the patient with any stage of dementia including Young-onset dementia, Frontotemporal, Huntington’s, Lewy bodies, Vascular, Mixed and all other types. Our caretakers are trustworthy and professional to care for dementia patients.

Exercise And Physical Assistance

Exercise is key to remain fit and healthy. Moreover, in old age, good physical activity is crucial to keeping oneself fit. Keeping this in view, our caretakers are trained to help the elderly with physical exercises and monitor them along it. Moreover, if your loved ones require help with changing clothes or even walking, our caregivers are at their disposal.

Local Home Care in Lake County Il That People Trust

The Home Care Services Lake County IL is the best option when it comes to taking care of senior citizens. Our services are quite reasonable and we offer a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, we make sure to get your opinion and suggestions to improve and provide better services. 

In county IL, you will not get a better option to take care of your elderly relatives than Senior Care Lake County IL. So, contact us today and let us help you.

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Ready to get the care you need for yourself or a loved one? Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

At times, the elderly will need care 24 hours a day. Apart from needing a companion and someone for chores for the whole day, they also require overnight care. This will cost around $15000 per month. This will involve a caretaker with the elderly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The home nursing services are basically for post-operative care. It involves caretakers who are specialized in dealing with patient care. They administer similar care as that provided in a hospital. The only difference is that this care is personalized and provided more empathetically.

Home care services cover all types of services needed by your home-bound loved ones. The caretakers will do all the chores from cleaning to cooking food. Moreover, if the client is on some medication, they will make sure to administer that medicine on time. If you hire them for 24/7 service, then they will live with you throughout the day and at night too doing all the required tasks.

Both home care and home health care services involve taking care of an individual at their home, but they differ in clinical and non-clinical terms. In-home care services come under the banner of non-clinical care. On the contrary, home health care services deal with clinical care provided by professionals to patients in the comfort of their homes.

In-home care services also apply to patients under some therapy such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, memory care, dementia care, or even physical therapy. Home care is not just limited to the elderly. It also covers post-operative patients who are recovering and are unable to perform daily routine tasks themselves. Moreover, patients with mental disorders such as Parkinson’s disease also qualify for home care.

When you hire a caretaker, it depends on what type of services you need from them and so you pay accordingly. However, in most cases, a home care aide helps the client with daily tasks such as bathing or dressing. They will also perform chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.
Yes, home caregivers also perform the task of taking your loved ones out for a walk or to some nearby park for physical activities. But, when hiring a caretaker, you need to clearly mention the type of care required.
Hospice is for patients suffering from a terminal illness. It is to provide them with a peaceful environment where they can spend the last days of their lives serenely. In contrast, home health care is available to those who have recovered from an illness. It is to avoid unnecessary hospitalization while providing complete bed rest to the patient for a swift recovery.

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