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Hygiene Assistance

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Hygiene Assistance


Skin Care

Preventative general skin care, when skin is unbroken, and when any chronic skin problems are not active and may include the application of non-medicated lotions and solutions, or of lotions and solutions not requiring a physician's prescription.


Hair Care

Assist with the maintenance and appearance of their hair. Hair care within these limitations may include shampooing with non-medicated shampoo or shampoo that does not require a physician's prescription, drying, combing and styling hair.

Mouth Care

Assist in and perform mouth care. This may include denture care and basic oral hygiene, including oral suctioning for mouth care.


Nail Care

Assist with nail care. May include soaking of nails, pushing back cuticles without utensils, and filing nails. No nail trimming.



Assist clients with bathing. Home services workers may assist individuals who are unable to be bathed in a tub or shower only when the following requirements are met:
i) The home services worker shall have been trained in the particular methods required to perform a bed bath;
ii) The client or client's representative shall be able to participate in or direct the bathing process and provide ongoing feedback to the home services worker; and
iii) The agency shall have conducted a competency evaluation of the home services worker's ability to employ the methods required to perform a bed bath.



Assist a client with shaving only with an electric or a safety razor



Assist a client to/from the bathroom; provide assistance with bed pans, urinals, and commodes; provide pericare; or change clothing and pads of any kind used for the care of incontinence.
i) A home services worker may empty or change external urine collection devices, such as catheter bags or suprapubic catheter bags.
ii) A home services worker may empty ostomy bags and provide assistance with other client-directed ostomy care only when there is no need for skilled skin care or for observation or reporting to a nurse.

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